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Meet Miss Apple who has a passion to touch a star
but God keeps telling her to wait.

New!!!  May 15, 2014
Is it a BOOK or is it an APP???? 

BOTH!!! It is the best of both worlds with
Animated Action and Your Interaction.
Designed for all the Kindles
but also works with Android devices.
Developed with young children in mind but
enjoyed by pre-schoolers to seniors. 

Title Page
Title Page
Everyone has a passion, though not everyone knows what it is. 

A young apple tree knew her passion.  She just wanted to touch one of the stars she could see twinkling in the night sky.  Any one of them would satisfy her curiosity.  She asked God, who she calls Papa, for help.

Papa lovingly told her to wait.  So she asked the oak tree next to her for help.  She saw that Oak's tall branches held up the stars in the night sky.  Apple was simply too short.  Surely he could bring her a star!  But Oak just teased her, like her desire was silly.

Night after night, Apple longed to hold a star.  Papa always heard her plea, and came down from Heaven to tell her to wait a little longer.  Papa corrected Apple one night.  "Oak doesn't hold up the stars, that is my job!" God said.  Apple's frustration melted into thought about what Papa and Oak said.  But it was difficult to understand.   

Oak couldn't help Apple.  He just enjoyed teasing her, so Apple met new friends who showed her ways to play the day away.  At night, Apple still wanted to touch a star and she was still too short.  Papa wanted her to wait, but wait for what?  Apple just couldn't figure it out.  Would she eventually grow tall enough to reach the stars herself? 

Then one night there were no stars in the sky.  "What was happening?"  Would Apple EVER get to hold her star? 

Clickable Screen Shots
Black night
Black night
Too Short
Too short
Apple Prayed
Apple prays
Plays with a cardinal
Play with the cardinal
Play with squirrels
Play with squirrels and gather acorns
Rainy night
A rainy night

What would the morning bring for Apple???
  • Built with Young Children in Mind but ...
  • Enjoyed by God's Kids of All Ages.
  • Narrated
  • Follow Along Text
  • Animated Action
  • Interactive Pages include
    Flowers, Squirrels, Frogs, a Cardinal
  • Navigation Panel to the Action Pages
  • Easy to scroll through
  • Simply Enjoyed
  • Read Often
  • Unlimited Play Time
Daisy Squirrel   Cardinal Tree Frog
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Kwik Made

Pleased to share with you that "Apple"

was build with this awesome
product as an extension to Photoshop for building animated books and apps.

Great support and encouragement from the Kwiksher team.  Nothing else like it.!!! 
Check it out, you might want to use it too.


Made with Kwik  





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A Star for Apple  - Done!!!  :-D

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