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FREE!!! Bible Study
On line - Interactive lessons
with our staff (Jolene or Linda) for your kids or youth classes.
No age limit (adults like them too).  Study with your kids or on your own. 
Read the Devotion/Lesson and then
click on the lesson form at the bottom of the lesson to fill in the blanks.
(The lesson form may also be found on the list page.)
Smaller children may need help with filling in the blanks but
they love doing it if they can.  Be sure to submit it.
Grab your Bible and come On Line. 

Over 450 FREE Bible Study Lessons
For Subject Lists ---
Current Lessons for 2012
Lessons written for 2011
Lessons written for 2010
Lessons written for 2009
  Lessons written for 2007-2008-2009

Jolene now has written over 450 devotions and counting.
The subjects are too many to totally list here, but love, discipline, hate,
disciples, human nature and angels are just a few. 


NEW !!!   If you have a Kindle Fire ... Jolene has written ...
"Bethlehem Star Guides Wise Men from Afar."
You can find it in the Kindle Store at Amazon. 

A great story about two boys who are traveling
with wise men following a mysterious star. 
A great adventure for any time of the year.

Jolene's Stories

Jolene's Devotions - The Blog version

FREE FOR EVERYONE .... Pass it on. 

Jesus Coloring Book
LIfe of Jesus Coloring Book  LIfe Credits
Open PDF and Save it!!!
Permission granted by Doug Marks. 
"We just want to see children from every tribe, tongue, and nation come to Jesus.

Create your own Three Ring Binder
to Save your lessons in.
Use these cover pages for your binder.
Free Binder Page
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and Color PDF file
Color Binder page
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Other Resources for your use.  Enjoy!!!

New ... 2012 "Journey's of Paul" Tour
"Would you like to read every Pauline Epistle
from the site to which it was written?" 
Come along and travel from ...
Tarsus, the Apolstle Paul's home town, to Pompeii, Italy
Tour the ancint sites of his Missions.
MAY 21 - JUNE 6, 2012
For more information click here.
My reservation has been made!!! - Linda
Visit the 2009 "Journey's of Paul" website
for pictures Linda took while in
Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Lectures and trip video included
Ephesus Library
Ephesus Library

Acts Bible Study.

Would you like a little more challenge, something deeper.
College Class Lectures and Video by
Mark Moore.

Mark Moore