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Devotional Gems by Jolene
Created for Bible Study for Kids


How to Get on God's Good Side

Genesis 12:1-4, 15:6, 22:2, 12:1-13, Proverbs 10:22
By J.D. Griffith

Ever what to get on someone’s good side? The most popular kid has lots of “friends” who just want to be close by. Those with whom we associate is how we are known. Offering candy and other bribes can work in making friends, but God is different. He can’t be bribed, but He can be won.

Everyone talks about God’s blessings. Just like being around the popular kid, we all love being blessed. Some people seem to be blessed by God, and others don’t. What’s the difference, and how can we stay in God’s good graces? Someone sneezes. Someone else says, “God bless you”. What does that mean? Gesundheit is another thing some folks say to someone who sneezes. That is German for good health. In essence, blessings are just that: good health.

Good health, good finances, good position in society is often be taken for granted. Do people who have these things earn them?

The answer is No.

The answer is Yes.

Nothing we can do earns God’s blessings. He smiles at some and they have honor, wisdom, emotional security. Every good thing comes from God.

He smiles at people who obey Him and have faith that He can do all things. They pray for Him to lead them, and they believe He will do just that. They try hard to follow all His commandments, and ask for His help in keeping them. Here is an example of how God blesses, and why:

Genesis chapter 12, in the Bible, tells a story about Abram. God promised to make Abram into a great nation. Abram’s wife Sarah couldn’t conceive, so how would God make Abram into a great nation? Wouldn’t that have to start with a child? When God blesses someone, it’s a promise to intervene in that person’s life in a mighty, obvious way.

Abraham and Isaac on Mt. MoriahAfter many years, God gave them a son—whom they named Isaac. Then God tested Abram’s faith by wanting him to sacrifice Isaac. Can you see Abram’s confusion? But he obeyed and took Isaac to a mountain.

As Abram proceeded to kill his son, God intervened again. Suddenly, anAbraham about to strike Isaac angel stopped Abram. A ram was caught in a thicket.

Can you hear Abram’s sigh of relief when a suitable sacrifice was found?
This shows us that God honors our obedience and our faith—in things unseen. So, while we cannot DO anything that wins God’s favor, when His children believe in Him and obey His commands, He blesses them.

Take Home Nugget

God wants to bring abundance into the lives of His children. He blesses richly, and adds no sorrow to it. Staying on God’s good side is as easy as believing in Him and obeying His commandments. Can you do that? He’ll make it worth your while.

Everyone wants to be liked and loved.
Wasting time with sweet treats
May work to win some friends.
Only our faith and obedience God’s approval meets.

J.D. Griffith